Let it shine with this NEW musical by Tim Firth and the Music of Take That.
"Get that Nostalgic feeling !"  ★★

I knew very little about The Band apart from the fact that it was Take That inspired and had that typical 90's boyband vibe about it. But it was much more than that it had such a strong storyline and a very realistic approach on life.

The story involves a group of teenage girls that have a common interest in a particular boy band. This gave me flashbacks of my childhood years, although I may of missed the Take That and Boyzone era I did really like Busted and Mcfly! 

For the girls "the boys" are everything and the story follows them from school to to their first pop concert. Very much like a typical movie they all vow to be friends forever but of course we all know life happens and we all become busy and things do change. While this is all happening the show transports us 25 years into the future where they meet up again for the reunion tour.
Rachel Lumberg and Faye Christly work as an amazing duo from teen to middle aged Rachel. I was surprised to see the show was not really based on Take That it was more focussed on the group of girls who you couldn't help but love the characters they played. It showed the power of music at those low moments within out lives. This show had me smiling, laughing and close to tears with its play on emotions.

Take Five didn't have an speaking parts but they did carry on the role of singing Take That songs amazingly throughout the show and being multiple roles throughout the main story line. The show relives a lot of Take That hits such as "Back for Good" "Shine", "Relight My Fire' and many more hits.
This show certainly gives you a nostalgic feeling and may even bring back some of your teenage memories. The music is familiar, the storyline is brilliant and it really did SHINE!

The Band is at Milton Keynes theatre from the 5th March  until the 9th March- Book your tickets now.

The tickets for this performance were gifted to me by Milton Keynes Theatre all views are my honest opinions - See disclaimer.