After finding out we were expecting a little girl it didn't take us long to agree on what we wanted to name her. 

Choosing the name for your unborn child is such a BIG decision! 

There were always two names from very early on in pregnancy before we even knew the gender of our baby. The one we have chosen we just kept coming back to no matter what so we just stopped there as there wasn't any other names that were going to sway us any other way. It was so refreshing that we both liked the same name and it felt like it just slotted into place so easily for us. Personally having decided her name already I feel even more connected to her than ever and it's already building a personality for this little girl that is growing inside of me. 

Along with a first name we have also chosen her middle name which we feel flows nicely with he first and the last name of Gamble. We have chosen to keep it a secret until she has arrived so we can introduce her properly to the world when she is born. I must say it's hard to keep it a secret as I just love the name so much and I'm too excited to share it with you all when she arrives in May!

P.s There might be a clue within the post photo...

How did you decide on your babies name?