Something I have never thought about having is Pregnancy Affirmation cards, have you ever thought to use them during your pregnancy? From my own personal experience I sometimes have a wave of panic or just feel fed up in general and having this little cards around sometimes helps ease and calm my mind.

I've decided to place my cards on the back of the nursery door as it's the room I like to visit when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with pregnancy. These hypnobirthing cards give me something to think and focus on with the reminder that it's all going to be OK. This little set would also be a lovely gift for an expectant Mum to be as personally they remind me that no matter how busy my life gets I can take that chance to breathe, focus and remind myself that "I've got this!".

I liked the simplicity of the packaging as it was beautiful put together with 9 birth affirmation cards and it also came with twine and 9 mini pegs to give you the option of hanging the cards up which I thought was lovely little touch.
The cards from this set read as followed,
  • My body was designed to birth my baby
  • Each surge brings me closer to my baby
  • Birth is a positive and natural experience
  • I am excited and confident to birth my baby
  • All I need to birth my baby is me
  • I am ready, I am focussed, I am calm
  • My baby and I are together on this journey
  • I trust that my body knows what to do
  • Women all over the world are birthing with me

These cards were GIFTED to me by the lovely Hannah and she is selling many variations of the cards on Etsy with a printed and downloadable option. I chose the The Floral Collection but Hannah also sells different designs of the cards making it more personal to you. The printed sets retail at £8.95 and the downloaded versions is £3.60.

You can get you hands on some of your own over on Hannah's Etsy store. Plus if you use the code TWE20 you will receive 20% of any of the print gift sets!

These products for the post were gifted to me by Hannah - I can do this. All views are my honest opinions - See Disclaimer.