So why did I change my hair colour? 
I had been blonde for just over a year and I thought I found my colour identity but I LOVE my new hair more than anything now and I kind of wish I had changed it sooner!

There was many reasons why I changed the colour, let's begin with blonde is super hard to maintain and would make me hair look dull somedays which really sucked. I also considered that when the baby comes along I won't be able to keep up with the up keep as much as I would like so I needed to opt for something more manageable overall.

I spent hours searching Pinterest for hair inspiration and it's amazing what you can find. When I went to the amazing Brandon - My hair stylist we decided to embrace my natural hair colour and try and match the brunette colour to it so when it grows it should just naturally flow. I didn't want to completely cover the blonde I had so hence the balayage, we just toned down the blonde a little so it wasn't to harsh alongside the brown colour.

Plus with a new year and a new Amy forming I felt like a hair change was just what I needed to boost  the start of 2019!
Have you thought about a hair refresh?