"All for one and one for all"  ★★

Pantomime is on of those British traditions that I used to attend yearly with my family when I was much younger. I haven't been in years so it was really refreshing to be able to see Robin Hood with the Husband with fresh eyes.

It brought back many memories and I was soon reminded of the booing, hissing and the shouts of "Oh no it isn't", and "Oh yes it is." Being an adult this time round also made it more fun with the innuendo jokes that go over children's heads but left the adults in the room laughing away.

Shane Richie delivered on his Jack the lad comedy and had the audience laughing from start to finish. I also enjoyed the addition of the Acromanics playing the part of the Merry Men as it added a whole new talent to a show like this. Alongside Phil Hitchcock who performed a lot of magic with his part of Merlin which also gave this Pantomime that little extra touch. All of the cast were passionate and seemed to be having a lot of fun throughout the show which let's face it is what the Pantomime should be all about.

Aside from all the acting, magic and acrobatics going on there is also a 3D aspect and a rather big dinosaur! Not to everyone's taste but certainly something the kids will enjoy.

Robin Hood was a spectacle for all ages. Full of dance numbers, special effects and comedy to suit everyone. If you're looking to get into the Christmas spirit or even just fancy an evening of fun and entertainment then you should check out Robin Hood as it will life your spirits and give you an experience to remember.

Robin Hood is at Milton Keynes theatre from the 8th December 2018 until the 13th January 2019 - Book your tickets now.