Just how funny can a bank robbery actually be?

After seeing The Play That Goes Wrong back in April I couldn't wait to see another show made by Mischief Theatre and let me tell you it met all my expectations and more. If you have have seen any of the Mischief Theatre productions you will understand the physical effortless comedy that they display from start to finish.

The plot is based on prisoners who escape to steal a diamond which is locked securely within a bank, but we soon discover that everyone in town is some sort of crook. What could go wrong?

Throughout we see a laugh out laugh performance with moments of outrageousness. One of my favourite moments was the fight scene where we saw three people fight but it was acted by only one person it was apparent how talented the actors really are and how well they can play more than one role throughout the performance.

The show prides itself with some amazing actors throughout the star of the show for me was Se├ín Carey who play the part of Sam. I was just in awe over his acting from the way he showed so many personalities to the passion and energy he betrayed.  All of the cast did an excellent job and it's a must watch show if you want to laugh and just watch the ridiculousness unfold!