Mornings can be rough, but I get by with a LITTLE help.

You've probably encountered my numerous Tweets about coffee, I absolutely love it and YES it fuels my day. I'm sure the saying is a coffee a day keeps the Dr away? maybe I just want that to be a reality.

Without fail every morning I need to have my coffee fix, it's part of my routine and it helps set my body up for the day ahead. 

When I wake up I like to check my phone for any messages and YES I will endlessly scroll through social media for quite sometime before I actually become productive with myself, let's face it I'm not really productive until I've had my morning coffee. I try and make my lunches for work the night before which always helps me feel less rushed in the mornings. I also like the fact that I have a uniform for work so again less time needed to worry over what shall I wear today?

We Are Little's have an amazing range of coffee on offer and what I love even more is they are low in calories and theres no added sugar. There are so many flavours to choose from, my favourites have to be the chocolate caramel and coconut flavoured coffee. Plus these also taste great as an iced coffee, perfect for these hot summer days we have been having!

You can read my full review on the Coconut flavour here

You can purchase your own We Are Little's coffee online here if you fancy trying out some unique flavoured coffee to start your day right.

*I was gifted these products by We Are Little's for a honest review*