I have been wanting to try out some of  The Skinny Bakery products for a long time now as I have been on the search for something relatively healthier but still give me that sugar fix I need. So I was intrigued at the concept of cakes and cookies with less calories, fat and sugar and would they really live up to my expectations?

The Skinny Bakery was founded by Mariella Forts who had been baking since a young age and she decided she wanted to create yummy treats but with lower calories, sugar and fat. Which she did by experimenting endlessly to discover her own take on some healthier recipes which is quite impressive I think.

I was excited to try the cake pearls in the flavours, carrot cake, chocolate and most intriguing beetroot! I've got to admit The chocolate and carrot cake pearls tasted amazing and I was a little gutted to say the least once I had finished them as they really did hit the spot in terms of taste and it kept me wanting more. I was a little hesitant of trying the beetroot ones purely down to the fact all I could think was beetroot in a cake? What? Why? I don't think I am truly convinced but I think that's down to personal taste but I was surprised how moist the cakes were.

My favourite products had to be the chocolate meringue cookies and the gingerbread men which also came with an added bonus as they were the lowest in calories so that can only mean I can have double the amount right? The cookies were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside they were light and yummy and they had that chocolate fix I needed.

Overall all these products from The Skinny Bakery impressed, they may not be as rich as other cakes, biscuits and cookies I would normally eat but they contain less calories so it's a win win.

If you want to get your hand on some to try for yourself then I would highly recommend ordering from their website. What takes your fancy?

*I was gifted these products by The Skinny Bakery for a honest review*