YES my face is in a magazine written by bloggers, for bloggers. It's like a dream come true to be a part of a magazine alongside other influential bloggers in the community.

I could never thank Vix Meldrew enough for picking my blog to be featured in the Lifestyle section of the magazine. Like I am still in shock that my little blog even made in on her radar never mind to being a part of such an amazing magazine!

So you can find me on page 70 in Issue 17, where you will find one of my favourite blog posts i've ever written.

Are smartphones ruining our relationships? 
Is social media killing the art of conversations? Whether your out in public or sat on the sofa at home, you can soon be consumed in that message or notification that pops up on your screen. But not only am I guilty of checking that said notification it will lead me down a trap of endless scrolling, because why not?
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Being involved in the Blogosphere magazine has really given me the BUZZ I need to carry on creating content as I was feeling a little overwhelmed with it all recently. But I have never felt so proud of myself and accomplished my family and friends were so supportive and it's made me inspire to be more and to continue to push out of my comfort zone and to keep going because my blog does mean the world to me.

I'd love to know if you have checked out my feature in the Blogosphere magazine, if so what did you think?