I have always absolutely loved the stories that Roald Dahl has written and Matilda was by far my favourite also adapted to a film version which I have watched more times that I can remember. Seeing the live adaptation of this story has always been a dream of mine.
The stage production has been and still is on in London but I was over the moon when they decided to take the show on tour which meant I could see it more locally in Milton Kenyes.

Photography by Manuel Harlan

You can't help but LOVE Matilda! I think what makes this musical so incredible is how relatable the story is. We have all had a moment in our lives where we haven't fit in, where people haven't treated us right or appreciated us for being ourselves. I love how this story shows a young girl overcoming everything and fighting for herself because she knows she deserves better.

The adults and children cast members are sensational! All of the children are incredible they are flawless in their roles and all of their personalities really shined through their dancing and singing. You cannot help but fall in love with them. What was lovely to see was local talent, Poppy Jones. A young actress from Northampton who played the part of Matilda.  She was absolutely outstanding with her performance; she had so much energy and her talent really shone through every song, dance and dialog.

Photography by Manuel Harlan

I absolutely loved how the ensemble came together for the "When I Grow Up" number. The choreography was so creative with the use of swings and the mix of adult and child actors really made this song mesmerising to watch throughout.

If you loved the book or film growing up then Matilda the musical is certainly not to be missed. It keeps the Roald Dahl passion and showcases the brilliance of Tim Minchin music and song composition.