With so many outgoing bills and expenses I thought a budget book would be ideal to keep a tab on what's going and in and out and what money we had spare each month to put into our savings. 

What's inside of the Busy B Budget book?

This blue book consists of monthly sections for a year. To organise your budget from month to month.
  • The first page is all is a space to fill in all of your personal information.
  • There is a section to write down any useful contact details.
  • For every month there is a little note section, a place to write you regular income and additional income. 
  • Next there is a page to write down and direct debits and other bills for that month. I also liked how there were pages to write down what you have spent that month on other things, a summary of whats gone out and a handy little wallet at the end of each month that you can use to put in receipts etc. I am always losing receipts so I am going to using this handy little feature in the book.
  • At the back of the book there is a Christmas budget page, Holiday planning page and additional note pages.

I think this budget book is super handy, I kind of wish I had one more so when we were saving to move out. But I am excited to use it for this year and to be able to visually see what's going in and what's going out and hopefully be able to add more money into our savings for a nice holiday!

If your'e interested in getting your hands on your own Busy B book then head to their website where you can buy your own. www.busyb.co.uk

purchase your own for £10.99. 

Have you ever tried a budget book or an app?

*I was gifted the Busy B budget book for a honest review of the product*