Valentines is just around the corner whether you love it or loathe it.

Going out on Valentines can become a pricey affair so i've come up with some inexpensive Valentines day dates just to give you some inspiration.

Grab a disposable BBQ
Get some marshmallows, some chocolate digestives, a blanket and wrap yourself up nice and warm. You can do this in the comfort of your own garden or why not take it on a walk with you and find somewhere to settle down with a nice view to enjoy. (Double check that BBQ's are allowed)

Board game night
Find out some board games and have an old fashioned board game night.
I don't know about you but my Husband and I love a good game of Monopoly, it's not always the best choice as it often causes conflict as we are both sore losers!

Have your own fondue night
Whether its chocolate or cheese that takes your fancy you can gather some supplies and have your own fondue for two. You don't need to necessarily own a fondue set as you could always melt some chocolate/cheese in your microwave.

Movie/Netflix Marathon
Why not have a duvet day, or even make your own duvet fort to enjoy a movie or if you're feeling wild binge watch a whole season with your favourite snacks.

Be a tourist in your own town
Take advantage of whats on offer in your home town/city. Take a nice walk and see if you spot out those quirky cafes and make the most of your museums, theres always an hidden gem to find.

Do you think any of theses Valentines Day dates sound up your street?