I love a cosy evening in during the Winter period. 

I just love to get all warm and cozy while it's cold and miserable outside. Now with Christmas around the corner it's the perfect part of they to relax and look after yourself. As soon as I get in from work I get straight into my pyjamas, yes I probably own more pyjamas than actual everyday clothes. Blankets are also a must and they are always in reaching distance on the sofa, theres such a great feeling about being all wrapped up.

Another thing I like to do is to have a soak in a lovely hot bath. I always find this a really relaxing part of the day for my body and my mind. It's also a great time to just have some ME time, giving myself that extra pamper by applying face masks and moisturising my skin. During the winter months I have to take better care of my lips so I always make sure I apply some vaseline regally and right before I head to bed to stop them from cracking.

You can't have a cosy evening in without a good Christmas film can you? I have loved watching The Holiday, Elf and The Muppets Chrismas carol of course. Yes the Muppets have certainly stuck with me since childhood.

Before I jump into bed I fill up my hot water bottle to give me some extra cosiness and warmth. After I tuck myself in I light a candle, slipping on some fluffy socks. While I enjoy the beautiful scent from a lit candle,  enjoy a nice drink of hot chocolate, catching up on some blog posts and and emails i've not had time to check throughout my day. I find reading also helps my body relax and switch of, it's a moment where I can just dive into another world for a while. 

So my evening ends with me being all wrapped up in the duvet, fluffy socks on and a water bottle in hand, Bliss.