I’m sure i’m not the only one to agree and to say that Christmas can be an expensive time of the year with gifts, dinners and new outfits for the occasions. 

It all adds up and our bank accounts pay the price. With getting Married this year we put all our savings into this to have the day of our dreams and I wouldn’t change that for the world so this year we are on a budget when it comes to Christmas and I wanted to share with you some tips to save yourself some money this year.

Agree on a Budget
This can be the hardest part as it’s so easy to spend and spend. I set an amount of each individual and then go from there, it should be the thought that counts not the amount of money spent.

Write a list
Sometimes you buy and buy as you see things and then completely forget about them. I write out each person’s name I buy for and then write the present I have got for them (& Price) this also makes it easier when it comes to wrapping them all up. This way I can easily stick to my budget I have already set myself and be fully aware where I need to fill the blanks in to ensure I’ve brought all my loved ones gifts.

DIY Gifts
Last year I did really well with in regards to this I brought everyone some Pyjamas and a Dvd and then created my own personalised cinema styled tickets with their names and “Enjoy a movie night on us” I popped them into a paper popcorn bag and a pack of microwave popcorn which I got in multipacks from the poundshop and everyone loved this simple but thoughtful gift! I enjoy making things so I am going to be searching Pinterest for some new ideas this year.

Shop around
The shops get busier and sometimes it’s an absolute nightmare so you want to get it done as quick as possible. It also is good to shop around online to find the best deal possible. Boots is pretty good aswell with multi buy offers. If you are shopping online it is also worth checking for any vouchers codes to help you cut down the costs even more. Plus I do love FREE delivery!

Secret santa
This is one of the easiest ways to s to keep costs down. With Ross’ side of the family the “Gamble’s” which I am now a part of, ah I love being a Gamble officially! We still buy for the children but between us adults we have a £50 budget and we pick out a name to buy for which is really fab as this saves so much money and it’s lots of fun trying to work out who had who!

I hope this post helps you out in some way and just remember it’s not all about the money, it’s the thought that counts and spending time with loved ones.