I am huge Autumn lover and I am glad I got to share my Wedding day with this amazing season. 

I am trying to hold onto Autumn for along as I can before all the Christmas hype hits. Ok I do love Christmas as well but I am still in my Newly Wed zone and I don’t want it to end just yet.

But with every good things there are always a down side so here are some of my struggles of Autumn

It’s over before you know it
It always seem to go so fast and Christmas always manages to take control before Autumn truly as finished it term of being such a lovely season we get to experience.

The Weather
Yes Autumn is lovely when you can be at home, all cosy and snuggled up but the second you have to go outside it’s a different story. You have straightened your hair but now wait it’s raining its windy what was the point? You are never to sure how cold it may actually be outside it may lovely but you take one step out the front door and you are freezing or the complete opposite and you have layered up and by this point you are sweating.

Hot drinks
Hot drinks aren’t the only thing we want to show off throughout Autumn, we need the crunchy leaves, pumpkins and anything middle orange toned to set the theme. This can become such a chore when taking any photos indoor can be a nightmare due to the nights being darker and not much hope in the sense of natural lighting that get that on Fleek photo you desired.

Like I said I LOVE Christmas to but listen Autumn is better… Christmas does seem to take over the world for a period of time and some people are already cracking out the Christmas tunes and movies. I can’t bring myself to do it, not just yet.

So please join me to embrace what is left of Autumn 2017 and then we can talk about Christmas, Ok?