Calling all Coffee Lovers,
A few months back I became a We Are Little's Ambassador. With Wedding plans and a job change my mind has been all over the place but the coffee has kept me going!
What I love about We Are Little's is there is no added sweetness, the flavours are 100% natural and if you're calorie counting a cup is only 4Kcal!
I wanted to blog about how amazing the Island Coconut flavour is, coconut and coffee are both a favourite of mine so both of these combined is a dream come true. The scent of the coffee is quite strong at first but it isn't as strong when you drink the coffee, but you can definitely taste the hint of coconut and the balance is just right.
These coffees are all so versatile that they are amazing hot or cold. This coconut flavour is so delicious cold and easy to drink in the summer months.
You can find this coffee sitting on the shelves at Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Selfridges or order directly from
*I am a We Are Little's Ambassador but all opinions on the products are my own*