Exercise has always had a positive impact in helping me work out the stresses of daily life, helps me to sleep and reminds me that I can do whatever my mindset it focussed on so I decided to give running another go.

I've been wanting to get into running for what seems like forever and I have never given myself that push to actually give it my all and give it a go, until today. While most people may be having a lay in on Sunday morning I decided to grab my headphones, get changed and put on my trainers. 
Being a beginner I know that I can't just expect miracles and be able to run 5K so I downloaded the Couch to 5K app in the hopes to build up at a slow and steady pace.  So with my app ready I pressed start and of I went for my first run with my running playlist in the background to motivate me on the way. 
My head was going a little crazy for a few minutes, all the thoughts who am I kidding, I can't do this... the list went on. Before I knew it the 5 minute walking for the warm up was over and it was time to RUN, even with blisters on my feet and the heat from the sun already making me sweat I just forgot everything and put everything into what seemed like forever, 1 minute jog. I'm going to be honest when it beeped and told me slow down and walk I completely changed my mindset and wanted to carry on jogging but I did slow down and listen as I knew if I pushed myself I would end up injuring myself and where's the fun in that.
It's crazy how my complete mind-frame could change in the matter of minutes. So today was day one and yes it was hard but it was worth it.  After the initial 10 minutes I just loved the way my head seem to clear and I felt on top of the world, like I could do anything.
I can't wait to share more of my running journey with you all in the up and coming weeks, I've just got to remember