We all know that Bloggers aren’t PERFECT. 
Just like life in general we all make mistakes and mess up from time to time, even the big bloggers. So here are some of the mistakes i’ve been making.
Thinking that this would be easy… well It’s far from that. It takes time to build up on your skills, I do feel like I am slightly improving and I do put a lot into the way I want my blog to be perceived by clean, elegant photos. Even after you take numerous shots and find one you are finally happy with you then have the process of editing, and maybe editing a second to fit your Instagram feed!
Comparing myself to others
I’ve mentioned this on a few occasions, the fact that I don’t feel like my blog is much as in comparison to all the other amazing blog there are out there. I have spent way to much time comparing myself so I am trying harder to focus purely on my own blog presence and just hope my personality wins you all over.
Bad at scheduling 
I will never be able to manage daily blogging, I applaud those who do you are amazing. I only post once or twice a week as a personal preference so do I suck as blogger or what? I don’t always feel inspired and I am very much in the mind frame I won’t post unless I am 100% with what I have wrote.
To anyone who blogs, you are amazing and mistakes are what make us human. I will never be the “Perfect Blogger” but I’m ok with that I love my blog and the friends I have made so I am going to focus on the positives.