Some people opt for a wedding planner but unfortunately it didn't fit our price budget and also I wanted to have a big part in planning and putting it all together, I am only getting the chance once. 
Here are some skills that have helped me with the wedding planning process:
You are going to making lots of decisions and this is a good way to keep track of what you have, haven't or are going to do. The big ones such as finding the venue and the going from there with smaller items such as the cake, food, bridesmaid dresses etc. Being a visual person I wrote everything down and highlighted when I had sorted each item on my list out also adding in all of the costs for everything.
Managing the budget/money
Like most couples we had a budget and this was took into consideration when looking round venues to a sweet table to keep everything within our price range. We have our wedding funds in a different account so it's been easier to keep track of the money we have. I've had to be super organised when it comes to paying deposits and making sure we have everything sorted out for the day such as when  the Dj going to arrive, what time do I want to Ice cream cart to arrive and what things can be sorted on the day as we have to pay a few people on the actually day. What we have decided to do is to place all the money into little envelopes the week before and I've asked my mum to keep hold of them ready for her to hand out to the relevant people on the day, it's the last thing I want to worry about on the day!
Pin it
Now is the time to pin to your hearts content, pinning wedding ideas, themes, DIY projects, and other things that looks dreamy. I also found this helpful to create a board to shares with Ross to show him what I loved and wanted from our wedding day. 

Shop around
For the bridesmaid dresses I looked around for ages and I couldn't find what I wanted in shops so I searched online instead and I was shocked at how much on offer there actually is. I brought all of them online at a fraction of the cost, two different colours and styles to fit the ages of my beautiful bridesmaid. It's defiantly worth a look on ASOS where two of then dresses ordered are from and even better they were on sale and I am so pleased with them!

It's never to early
This is so true weddings cost money and money doesn't grow on trees. I am so glad we did things so far in advance as it meant we could get the exact wedding date we wanted and paid of deposits early giving us a longer period to save up more money and knowing how much we actually needed to data and by saving more than we anticipated allowed us to upgrade our honeymoon which is a highlight for us. 

Allow yourself time away from wedding planning as you may become overwhelmed and stresses. Take breaks along the way to give yourself some breathing space and come back to it at a later date.  It should be an enjoyable experience after all.