From day one Ross and I both knew we wanted to spend our honeymoon in sunny Mexico, on the beach of the Riviera Maya at an adult only all inclusive resort to be able to fully unwind. 

What you need to ask yourself is what is your budget? We had to factor airline costs and also the accommodation. How many days do you want to spend on your honeymoon? This again came down to our budget as we had our heart set on Mexico and specific hotel that we decided to go for 11 nights, apposed to 14 to get our dream honeymoon. 

We also thought but whether we were looking to relax or seeks adventure? which is really important and very different for each newlyweds in question. Mainly we want to by a beach, a pool and unlimited cocktails of course but with the added bonus of being able to take a few trips to explore Mexico. I was lucky enough to win some Thomson vouchers on Twitter so we put them towards some day trips while we are away and I am very excited to explore and relax on our honeymoon, making it a dream for us.

These are all things to consider and I would advise you book as soon as you can as locations such as Mexico for example are in high demand and can get booked up very quickly. If you are really unsure as to what you want or where to go then you always have the option to go and have a chat with a travel agent, who were very helpful when it came to booking our excursions I must say and make sure you get travel insurance, its a huge amount of money to loose out on if something happens.

Just remember your Honeymoon is what you make it so make it a dream come true.