Give yourself time to do the things you enjoy.

We all get that feeling of being overwhelmed and life is non stop sometimes with work, family, having a social life, adulthood and blogging. I often feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything. I have always been quite an organised person and if my house is a mess I feel like my head is to. Here are somethings to help you simplify your life for the better. 

I couldn’t say this enough the amount of times i’ve accidentally somehow can numerous email subscriptions to random websites that I have probably listed once in my lifetime. They clog up my inbox and then give me the chore of having to clean them all out. It may sometime at first to unsubscribe but I promise you will be thankful in the long run.

Create a morning routine
I hate having to rush around in the morning and If i’m honest it messes with my head a little. So on work days I have an alarm set and then I will go and put the kettle on, brush my teeth, wash my face and then come back downstairs to make myself a coffee. After drinking my coffee I will get dressed and then chill and catch up with some TV until it’s time to leave for work.

Re-Evalutate your Friendships
Don’t be afraid to cut ties with people if you feel like the relationship is toxic or just not there anymore. We all change throughout life and we move on. Your time on earth is considerably short so use that time wisely to spend it with the people who you love and who make you feel good about yourself.

Clean as you go
Like I said above if my house is messy I feel like my mind is to so I like to clean as I go when it is possible. Otherwise I feel like if I let it all pile ip I will spend nearly an entire day cleaning the whole house and that is just the biggest chore ever.

De Clutter
This is something I did very well in January, with a new year and all. I evaluated my wardrobe and donated any clothes that I hadn’t worn in the last 3 months and I had 3 full bin bags worth of clothes, that was minus the shoes I sorted out to. My wardrobe seemed very empty but I am one of those people who will buy and buy clothes but still wear the same few garments!

Clean up your phone
I feel it’s as important to clean out any apps, documents, photos you don’t need on your phones, laptops or tablets to make it easier to access the things you want to quicker.

Say No
If you really want to stay in even if your friends are trying their hardest to get your out, don’t be afraid to say NO. You don’t have to explain yourself, we all need me time.
We live in times where we are constantly connected, which is one of the things that does come with being a blogger. It’s important to value your time to do what you need to get done and doing the things you enjoy.

These are just a few things, but by simplifying my life it really has eased my mind.