During the wedding planning process you need to make the important decision about rings. In some cases people decide that they do not wish to exchange rings on the day, which is down to your own opinion in the matter there is no right or wrong.
When thinking about rings all I could think of is it is something that I am going to wear for the rest of my life, whilst cake, food, the DJ etc are all important parts of your big day, the rings are the one thing that will stay with you and your partner after the big day.
Spontaneously while shopping in town Ross and I decided to have a browse at rings, the same place where he got my engagement ring. What made this easier was we both had a vision of what we wanted, I wanted something quite simple, white gold to go with my engagement ring. This also added the factor of I wanted to stick with white gold and go with a ring with some sort of curve to fit nicely alongside my engagement ring. Ross wanted something that wasn't to shiny, which I totally understood from his point of view. Within 20 minutes in the shop we had both pick our wedding rings with Ross going for a palladium ring with a matt centre strip, which was perfect for him.
Alongside picking the rings we also had a budget we wanted to stick to and we managed to be under budget! Yes on the day we go our rings there was a 20% of if you brought two rings together so it's always worth shopping around if they are not within your price limit.
Another thing I would suggest it to do it it a while before the wedding, which I am glad we did as my ring took 5 weeks to arrive in it's correct size and we had to exchange Ross' for a smaller size which also added in the extra time element so please don't leave it to the last minute. 
I can't wait to be able to show and wear my new ring and be able to call Ross my Husband... the countdown is on.

 stylishly crafted palladium 500 men's ring, featuring a matt central strip and striking polished diamond cut detailing. The 500 hallmark indicates its 50% purity, natural whiteness, tarnish resistance and hypoallergenic properties. The perfect wedding band for the modern man.