Based on having a woodlands theme for our big day it got Ross and I thinking about how we wanted our tables to look.

There are numerous way your numbers/words can be displayed on your tables and Pinterest is a really good place if you are struggling for idea in regards to this.

I was thinking of putting numbers 1-9 onto log slices but then I thought why not have tree names on the slices, making it a little different. What is really nice about this idea is the fact we have incorporated trees from England and from Zimbabwe, where Ross grew up which makes it even more  special. The top table itself being "Baobab" means something to Ross, it's the street where he grew up and it reminds him of his life in Zimbabwe which also means the world to me if it does to him.

What is even better is to make them it hardly cost us anything we had already brought tree slices, like a massive box for for £9 I think it was and then I just made the names to stick on using my Cricut machine to cut out the vinyl and they took about 20 minutes to make, totally worth it.

I think our tree named logs for each table will really fit in well with our theme and I can't wait to see them set up on the day.