So, if you didn't already know, but I am 5'1. The struggles for a shorty such as myself is pretty real. So if you can relate to any of these short girl problems, know you are not alone.

The hunt for the PERFECT pair of jeans is just effort. It usually ends in rolling up the bottom part to fit my leg length. Saying this New Look's petite section is a current favourite of mine at the moment.

Standing on your tiptoes and still not being able to reach, grabbing a step stool because let's face it is not worth trying. 
Having to ask for help at the supermarket, why are all the things I want to buy on the dreaded top shelf. As much as you stretch and stand on your tip toes doing a little hop it's hopeless. 

I've never been to a concert in the fear of not being able to see! I don't want to spend my night watching the show through a camera which I have extended above my head. Going out in heels and still being shorter than the rest. But you've got some killer heels on which are just gorgeous so it's not all bad.

Being called "CUTE' is just the worse, so just don't.

With all problems there are also perks to being petite/small. Such as I can YES shop in the kids section which are where my work trousers are from and they are considerably cheaper. I never have to complain on a plane as I have all the space I need. Also I don't really ever have to worry about hitting my head!