I took a step back a few weeks ago which was much needed, not because of bad things happening in life buy good things. I’ve started a new job which I am absolutely loving so it was nice to be able to settle in and just unwind away from social media.

You may of seen the occasional tweets and I continued to post on Instagram, but I didn’t spend my time aimlessly strolling or worrying about being around. 

Being away from social media has made me miss it, as much as I needed the break and time away I feel like now is the time for me to come back, let’s face it I missed it a lot and the faces that come with it.

This time round I am going to focus on myself and not let it take over my life. I feel a new sense of inspiration and I can’t wait to get back into the Bloggersphere with you all. 

So welcome to new Aloha Amy!