I have always been good at, yes killing plants. I’m sure I am not the only one! 

When it comes to plant’s I love them when I see them in there full bloom in the shops and I love having greenery around the house. So I love my plants but then I kind of forget about them? Normally Ross is pretty good at making sure they have been watered but in the mist of a busy lifestyle it can slip my mind. I managed to keep the plant alive which is in my photo, which is impressive for me.
One of my favourite plants to own, are my little Ikea ones. Im sure I can leave them for months without water and they still look just as amazing as they did on the day I brought them. Got to love that right?
I can even search Google for advice on how to keep them alive, or bring them back to life in my case and yet I still fail. Oops. Well I am trying to change this and I will buy some gorgeous plants and do my best to keep them in there full bloom, well a girl can try…
Tell me I am not the only one who forget to water their plants but still loves to be surrounded by greenery?