As you are fully aware what seems to be an endless string of blog names and me not being quite sure about what I want from my blog or from myself in fact. Well it's time to change that.

It's totally normal to loose your way sometimes and feel a bit lost. It was a constant feel of not having enough views down to I just felt like I wasn't reaching out to anyone in regards to my blog posts.

Taking some time away was just what I needed to refresh my mind.I concentrated on getting back on track with exercising and healthy eating on a day to day basis. What inspired me the most to come back was reading other blogs, there are so many talented individuals and they really did change my prospective on what I wish to write, blog about. 

I took a step back and thought about what my blog really means to me and it came down to the relationships i've but with fellow bloggers and my readers. We all know the blogging game is so inconsistent,  like a roller coaster ride going up and down and I've chose just to accept that and just love my blog for what is is.

To get out of this rut I was in I gave myself a fresh name, blog look and decided to embark on a new chapter. I looked back at previous blog posts I've written and found out the ones that made me proud to write and looked which ones reached out to my readers the most. 

My aim is to focus on more Wedding related posts in the hopes it will help others now or in the future, with the idea to write about Married lie after the big day. I also want to show you more of my adventures and the places I visit as myself love reading reviews about weekend getaways etc to get a feel for places to visit.

If you have ever or if you feel like you are having a bloggers block moment your not alone. Do you have an tips for overcoming this?