I used to always presume the more followers the better your blog much be right?

WRONG, I disagree I don't believe that numbers should influence you as a person, or that you should change the way you are. After all, numbers are just another statistic that social media has us following and this by no means reflects the true friendships we make or the content we are creating.

I'm sure I am not the only one with a hate/love relationships with Instagram, gaining 2 followers and then in the next instance loosing 10. But I still continue to use this platform as I love and enjoy taking photos and it's another creative outlet for me to express myself.

This post was so important for me to write as I felt like I needed to have a break from blogging to focus on my new job at the time and the Wedding preparation I felt very pressured to write content and for it to be liked by others rather than writing posts because I wanted to. So here's to that change and trying my hardest to not let the NUMBERS affect me or my blog.

So what are your options? Does the number of followers you actually have matter?